Abandoned JewelEyes

You enter the small cave and an Anarod jogs up to you.
"Greetings to you, stranger. I am Gana and I am responsible for taking care of all the abandoned-" (you notice the stress placed on that word) "JewelEyes. So far, we have two up for adoption--a white-blue unicorn and a yellow-brown Sareb. If you want to take either of them home with you, just right click and choose 'save as'. Then simply upload them to your server. There isn't any email requirement here...well, except the one saying you have to email and say which one you've taken and include the URL. But I've been gassing on...here, let's take a look."
Gana leads you over to where a unicorn is standing forlornly.
"Okay. This unicorn has been here for nearly as long as the Sareb over there. If you'd like to adopt this little JewelEye, just tell me, kay? Anyway, let's take a look over here, shall we?"
"This little Sareb was abandoned without question. We were doubly upset about this because the Sareb was the very first JewelEye to be adopted."
You look at the JewelEye and it looks back at you, begging silently to be taken home.
"So, now you've done what you need to do here, would you like to go see the Abandoned Dragons?" Gana asks. "Or would you just like to go home?"