About Me!

Wow, you really want to know more about me?!? Okay, well, my real name is Judas Austin (yes, you did read that right :-P)and I am a nineteen year old girl living in a small flat in the UK which I share with my fish and my evil-demented-bird-shaped-thing, aka Puck the bright green budgie. I am totally addicted to fantasy and sci-fi books, like Dune, the Star Wars films, all of Anne McCaffery's Dragonriders of Pern series, Tolkien (of course :-P) and last but not least, Terry Pratchett books. (I read a lot more authors than these-but these are my favourites.) My hobbies include drawing, (images in the adoption centre) writing stories (no duh! :-b), daydreaming and watching and listening to any musical in existence (particularly The Beautiful Game and the new version of Jesus Christ Superstar.)
Jeez, you've bashed through this and you're still awake? Okay, I like working on my webpage, looking at graphics (not downloading, just looking as most of 'em are well cool but they wouldn't go on my site) adopting cyberpets and trying for awards. (If you want to see me show off LOL you can just click here to see the awards I've won so far.) I also love having epals or penpals so on the wild offchance of anyone of any age wanting to get in touch with me, just email me!
(Yes, yes, yes, alright, I know that was an obvious pitch, but you can't blame a girl for trying, right? :-D)
Okay, that just about wraps up my life for you! Back you go!

There have been people who have *yawn* sat through this...zzzzz! ;-P