Okay...so that's one of the awards you're applying for. The 'Cool Page' Award. (And before anyone groans about the detail in it, I know it's basic but please keep in mind that all my images have to be drawn with MSPaint so it's kinda limited :-))
So, if you want to apply for this award, there are basically 2 rules:

1. You have to have a kid safe page

2. You must link back to DragonWorld Legends and Adoptions at http://members.tripod.com/~PFCVasquez/index-2.html

Sound simple? Okay, here's what you do...
Fill out the form! I'll then check your site out and if I think it deserves the award, I'll email you telling you so and send a copy of it (without SAMPLE written on it, obviously)


These are the two most recent awards I've added to this section. To win one, all you have to do is email me with an idea for this site (NB:-story ideas are great and very welcome but more appreciated if they use my characters. Check out the first or second Legends if you're not sure about them.) Any idea, unless incredibly stupid, will get this award. One more thing; please include both your URL and whether you'd prefer the gryphon or dragon award.
Many thanks to Dee's Art Gallery for letting me use these images. If you haven't already gone there, I highly recommend it.