You head into the Archives. Despite their (surprising) cleanliness, there is a musty smell that only comes with very old books and scrolls. The Archives seem to stretch back for literally miles and you wonder just how large they are.
"Can I help you?"
You jump and spin round, feeling somewhat guilty. The woman behind you smiles.
"Don't worry; you haven't done anything wrong. I was out back sorting through some of the records. My name's Aset; I'm from Amanda's Castle and I'm the Guardian of Ancient History." She pauses. "I used to work in the Dragon Wing," she adds, "but there wasn't much to do there, so when I heard that someone was needed to sort out this place, I jumped at the chance."
"Looks like you have your work cut out," you say, glancing around. Aset shrugs ruefully.
"I do. This is where all the, for want of a better word, textbooks are. There's a wealth of knowledge among all these papers; the problem is, most of them are incomplete. There are several Legends in there-I know there are-but so far, I've only been able to find all the pages for three of them. There's a diary left here by one of the previous inhabitants as well that had most of the pages torn out." Aset reaches into a niche and brings out a small furry creature.
"This is Ruba. He's an ibo from DragonMoon. Althne's got one as well; there were quite a few who wanted homes. Getting back to what I was saying, Ruba's a good climber and he helps find pages that I can't reach." Aset shakes her head ruefully. "There's a Legend that doesn't seem to involve the SKAN in any way, but I've only been able to find the first page of it. Once I've got enough, I can send it to Althne for the Library. Until then..." She shrugs. "There's not a lot I can do."
"'SKAN'?" you echo, unsure of the word. Aset gestures towards the shelf with a few books.
"Have a look. There's all the information you need there. I have to get back to sorting; I'm sure I saw a page of that diary somewhere back there..."
She and Ruba disappear further into the Archive, leaving you to have a look at the books.

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