Clutch information

Okay, this is where you can find out which clutches are available and the dragons that will hatch. If there are no clutches or no spaces open, please don't apply as your application will just be deleted. (If you're wondering how anyone can tell what's inside the egg, the eggshell is the same colour as the dragon :P)

Current Clutches:

Blue Arint and Silver Halirant

Number of eggs: 15

Spaces open: 11

Egg ranking:

1 Gold
1 Fire
1 Blue
1 Water
3 Black
4 Red
5 Green

Black Calshalnt and Red Niront:

Number of eggs: 7

Spaces open: 7

Egg ranking:

1 Brown
1 Purple
2 Red
3 Green

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Candidate's Roster

Blue Arint and Silver Halirant


Black Calshalnt and Red Niront

None yet