Current Contests

Okay, the title is pretty self explanatory :-) There's always going to be at least one contest up and running but this page will be updated as time goes on. There is no real closing date for entries--basically when I have enough, I'll judge. There's a minimum of three places at the end although if I get a really big entry, there will be more.


Okay, well, as anyone who's checked out the site poll recently (or not so recently) will know, what most people seem to want is more cyberpets to adopt. I'm still working on the JewelEye section, by the way and hopefully that should be reopened again soon. So I came up with this contest (yes, alright, I know it didn't take much imagination :-P) Basically, all you need to do is design a cyberpet with as much or as little information about it as you like and send it to me here. 1st place will get their creature put up for adoption here (so any info is good, name, colors, that kinda thing) and a link back to their site (plus full credit for the images, of course) and 2nd and 3rd place will get a link back to their site. If there are enough entries, though, 1st to 3rd will get their cyberpet put up as adoptable plus link and credit and there will be a 4th and 5th place that just get the link.


1. The images have to be your own. I don't want an angry email from someone three months down the line saying that I have no right to use these images on my site. If your entry wins, although I'll use it on my page, I will take no credit for either the image or anything else you send in like ranks, colors, any additional info etc, and will provide a link back to your site. If you'd rather I just put the link up and didn't adopt out the creature, that's fine but please let me know.

2. There is no maximum number of entries that you can send in-however, there is only one prize per person per competition. If for some reason I repeat this competition (probably more than likely) you can reenter.

3. Images are the main idea here-however, if someone sends in a name for their creature, any colors, ranks and background information, they're more likely to win than someone who just sends in an image.

4. Anything goes. Once I've picked the winner, if they don't include anything like a name for their creature, for example, I'll assume that means they don't mind and will just make one up. (If you suddenly think of one after you've sent the creature in, feel free to email me with it plus any other additions.)


I'm running out of ideas here, people! Well, I'm not really, but I would appreciate some more. I've almost finished another Legend and I need some more food for thought. They can be about almost anything (nothing too lewd, please :-P) but have to have dragons in there somewhere. 1st prize (or 1st-3rd depending on entry size) will get theirs written out (or published if they're already written) on the site with a link back to them. The next two places will get a link to their site.


1. There's no real length limit. The longer the better, but a few lines will do just as well as a few pages.

2. Try to keep the language no worse than I use in my own stories.

SKAN Legends

This is similar but is using my existing characters (Alirtha, Narpen, etc.) Prizes are the same as above--1st place/1st-3rd get theirs published here with a link to their site and next two get a link.


1. Please keep fairly true to type regarding characters. If you want to ignore mine and create a completely new set of SKAN, that's fine by me, but please keep the basic SKAN ideas intact.

2. No language stronger than mine.

If you're unsure about my use of swearing, check out either the first or second Legend to find out more, if you haven't already.

Send your entries!