Atriplexith's Weyr (The Crystal Cave)

Heather leads you into a twisting passageway.
"We're getting into the Weyrs now," she tells you as she ducks under another stalactite. "Most of 'em are unoccupied-but this first one isn't."
Your guide steps into a cave and you give a gasp. Embedded in the walls are crystals of all size and descriptions. On the ground is a deep layer of sand, deeper in some places than others, and a small bed rests against the left wall. A smaller tunnel leads to a huge ledge and open space.
"That's where the dragon in here will be flying from, when she gets big enough," Heather explains. "Speaking of which---Heather!"
You frown, slightly unclear on that last cry. A young woman of about twenty comes in. She's quite tall, about five ten, and slender to the point of being skinny with brown eyes and dark blonde hair.
"Greetings, traveller," she says. "My name is Heather-same as your 'guide'-"
"Yeah," the other cuts in, "and you can imagine the confusion that caused at first!"
"I suggest you just call me Heth," Heth says. "It'll make things easier. Also, would you mind keeping your voices down as Atriplexith has just woken up and is still a little sleepy. C'mon through."
You willingly follow Heth back into the main cave.A very young green hatchling raises her snout in the air and croons piteously. Heth's eyes unfocus for a while, then return to normal.
"Atriplexith, you can't be hungry again!" she says, her tone teasing even as she gets a bucket that was obviously preprepared and brings it over to the dragonet. It's full to the brim with raw chunks of meat. The little green practically immerses her head in and doesn't stop eating until the bucket has been emptied and licked clean. Heth's eyes unfocus again.
"Yes, dearest, don't worry, we'll find a place for you to take a nap right away. Come on, let's see if we can't fix you up a place here, where the sand is nice and warm."
Atriplexith follows her rider over to a sunlit patch of sand and Heth starts fussing over her. Heather turns to you and lowers her voice.
"She'll be fussing over her dragonet for hours...we'd best slip away."
"Where did she come from?" you ask.
Heather shrugs.
"I'm not too sure. She was the very first resident in the Weyrs, though-but she hasn't said much about her background. I think her family may have been killed or something equally tragic-most of the other occupants won't shut up about their background! All I know is that she used to live in a tiny Hold southeast of Starsands Weyr-that's where Atriplexith was Impressed, from gold Voyanth and bronze Overith's clutch. Heth wouldn't even tell me the name of the Hold she came from, that's how non-communicative she was."
. She seems about to say something else when you hear the sound of music floating out from a passage. Heather's face lights up.
"Wow! I didn't think Ascella was home! She's a great musician you know! Well, what are we waiting for? C'mon, let's go visit her!"

Thanks to Grapholina's Temple for providing the background

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