Guardian Request Form

Okay, there are just one or two little things to get cleared up first.

1. Be creative. Don't just say "I'd like a Guardian with Kucing's hair, Kalokeri's clothes and Alshita's eyes."

2. I will do the best I can to draw what you want, but if what ends up on the page isn't what you had in mind, I apologise in advance. However, I don't have the time to redo it, unless it's a little thing like changing the color of hair or clothes.

3. You can request as many guardians as you like, but you have to wait until I've drawn your latest submission before you ask for another. I'll email you as soon as your Guardian is finished.

4. Please check out the Guardians first! Any application for a custom Guardian that already exists will be DELETED. To make it simpler for you, the following guardians have been either done or requested:

Completed Guardians


Guardians in Progress


If you request one of those mentioned above, your application will just be deleted. I am not going to do three or four different guardians of fire simply because you don't like Kebakaran.

5. In answer to questions from a couple of people, no you don't need a webpage to request a Guardian, just a valid email address.

6. This has happened quite a few times, so I'm making a rule about it-when you come to say what you want a guardian of, DO NOT put 'my site'. These guardians are supposed to be for everyone to adopt, not just for one site's use, therefore it has to be a guardian of something.

7. Please only hit the 'Okay, let's go' button once, as I have been receiving three or four identical applications. The applications do reach me, it just might take a while for this information to be displayed on your screen. Unless you suddenly realise you forgot or mistyped the number in the comments box, in which case, fill in your name and email and the number and send it again (you do not need to fill in the whole Guardian form)

8. The Guardians have to be human, or at least humanoid. Unusual colored hair and skin (eg a human with skin striped like a tiger) is fine, however. (So no more requests for dragons as Guardians, please, all those who have sent me them.) I will draw in animals up to a point but there is a maximum of three and none of them too big.

9. Please put the number 284 in the beginning of the description box so I know you read the rules.

10. Please no requests for anything sick like a guardian of porn! This is supposed to be a family friendly website!

11. Do not alter these images in any way! The only exception is for background colour-most are transparent but some are on a black background. If you want to change the background colour or make them transparent, go ahead.

12. Any form that does not follow these rules will be deleted immediately, no matter how good I think your idea is. If you can't be bothered to do something I ask, why should I do something for you?

Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now. Onto the form!

Custom Guardian Form

Your full name:
Your email address: (e.g.:

What would you like a Guardian of?

Please give a description of what you want your Guardian to look like-hair, clothes, accessories, position, whether they're alone or with animals (eg, a Guardian of Dogs with a GSD or something similar) The more explicit you are, the more likely you are to get what you want

Would you like a male or female Guardian? (Note, if you say you don't mind, you'll almost always get a female)
  I don't mind

What name would you like your Guardian to have? (if you don't mind or don't have a name in mind just leave this blank) Stunning, fast, FREE!    
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