The Firedrace Beach

Alhena leads you to a small cave underground. In the ceiling is a perfectly round hole which allows sunlight to heat up the clutch of eggs in the centre. The entire cave is filled with sand.
"Well, here we are," Alhena says. "Oh, before I go, there're just a few more things I have to go over with you...Firstly, you're only allowed to bond four draces from this clutch. Secondly, you must choose a different egg each time. Thirdly, you have to fill out the form when you bond. I like to know where my charges are going! And finally, don't choose all the eggs in an effort to find the color you want. You chose that egg, so hatch it! I'm not sure what's in this clutch, but I'm pretty certain that large egg's a gold and I heard that there may be a white in there as well. Unlike the others, whites can be either male or'll need to say which yours is on the form." Alhena pauses for breath, then shrugs and says, "Okay, well, I gotta get back to the Hatchery. I'll leave you to bond...or not, as you choose."
You start towards the eggs when Alhena suddenly turns back to you.
"Oh! I almost forgot! You must link back to this place so others can adopt a drace as well. And when you do it, please, please don't link back to the main adoption centre! I do check every single application form that comes in. Please put a link back to Legends of the DragonWorld at the site's main URL, which is . Thanks."
She turns and walks out and you approach the eggs in the centre of the cave...

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