Into the Glade....

You look around, astonished. You expected to see dragons flying every which way and in the midst of all this, a glowing queen presiding over her eggs.
What you actually see is a small glade surrounded by willow trees. Pretty, you think, but a little too picturesque.
"Can I help you at all?"
Startled, you whirl only to find yourself being addressed by a woman with a dragon curled protectively around her.

"I hope so," you say. "I'd like to ask you about Impressing a dragon."
Immediately her face lights up.
"Follow me, I'll take you to the Weyr. My name's Imogen, by the way. I'm from Amanda's Castle." You introduce yourself and Imogen seems to relax even more.
"So," she says, whilst guiding you through the forest, "you're interested in Impressing a Sarin Dragon, are you?"
You nod hopefully.
"Okay. First, I'd like you to take a look at this." Imogen produces a scroll from somewhere and hands it to you. "These are the Rules that everyone wanting to bond with a dragon has to follow..."
You take the scroll from her and start reading......