Mating your Dragon

Okay, I finally have enough people who have adolescent dragons to be able to create this page. If you want to find a mate for your Sarin Dragon, read on...


Your dragon must be at adolescent stage
You can have two dragons from the same clutch as mates-but their clutches will be very small (We're talking no more than two or three eggs here, people!)
Unless one dragon is bonded by me or both are bonded by you, I need an email from the bondmate of the male dragon and the female dragon. (This is just to help me keep tabs on who's 'available' and who isn't)
Sarin dragons mate for life. You cannot change your dragon's mate unless one or both dragons become abandoned. (If that happens I'll let you know and you can choose another, or wait for the abandoned to be readopted)
There is no strict regulations governing colours. A Spirit dragon can become the mate of a green dragon if he/she really wants to.


If you want your dragons to have a clutch, both bondmates have to email me letting me know
You can pick the clutch sizes, genders, names and I will pick the ranks and people who bond
All dragon names must end in -nt
There has to be male and female in a clutch. I don't mind if you have a clutch of 6 eggs with 1 male and 5 females but please no clutches with all one gender
Please no more than twenty five eggs in a clutch as the hatching will just take too long to happen
The ranks of the dragons hatched depend on the ranks of the parents. The highest ranking egg can only be three ranks higher than the rank of the highest ranking parent (Example, a green mating with a blue will mean the eggs can rank no higher than bronze as bronze is three ranks higher than blue) For more information, check out the Dragon Ranks page

If you have a mate ready for your dragon (either by owning two or finding one yourself) email me.
If you haven't yet found one, you can go here to post or view postings and try to find one.

If you email someone and they say they don't want a mate for their dragon, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know so I can take them off the list.
Alternatively, if you'd prefer to let me find a mate for you, go here

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