The Sarin Chambers

You look around, straining to see in the darkness. You remember stepping through the doors leading to the Sarin Chambers, then...nothing.
"Hello?" you say, feeling somewhat foolish. "Is anyone there?"

A large blue shape drops down like a bat from the ceiling and you jump.
Sorry. Didn't mean to startle you, the dragon says. Greetings. My name is Arint and I am a blue adult male. I am also the father to our current clutch. Did you come to bond?
You nod.
I see. Then you had better take a look at the scrolls over there. They have been written to give you more information. Now if you'll excuse me- Arint lands noiselessly and pads off into a large tunnel I must go and see how my mate Halirant is doing.
He leaves you alone and you study the scrolls.

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