East Fields

You tell Ousaf that you would like to visit the East field and he grins.
"Nothing simpler. C'mon."
You follow him along the large, straight path, finally emerging waist deep in grass in a large meadow.
A large bay pegasus hovers in front of you, waiting to see what you're going to do.
"This is Darugo," Ousaf tells you. "He's the lead stallion here; at least until Ashur grows up."
Darugo snorts and paws the air in front of him.
"Joke, Darugo," Ousaf says patiently. "It was a joke. Where's Shua?"
A low nicker from behind makes you jump and you turn round to find yourself face to face with a small skewbald.
"Yeah, that's Ashur," Ousaf says, following your gaze. "He was Shua and Darugo's first foal, and he's grown into quite the cheeky little colt."
Ashur starts nosing hard into your pockets, flying a few feet into the air to try and use a hoof to rummage through your belongings.
"Ashur!" Ousaf says sharply, then pulls out a sugar cube. "Oh, go on then," he says and throws it in the air. Ashur takes off after it, his wings going so fast they become a blur.
"That oughta keep him busy," Ousaf says, turning back to you. "Like I said, he's quite the cheeky little colt." He shakes his head and turns back to Darugo. "Where is Shua, anyway?" he repeats.
A pair of wings unfolds from in the grass, shortly followed by a pale dun mare.
"Oh, there you are," Ousaf says. "Shua's the lead mare, if you hadn't already worked that one out," he adds to you. "They're in high spirits right now-they're the first herd to find a home for their foal, which is why there isn't one available right now. Are you interested in applying for your own? Or do you want to take a look at the North and West fields? Or would you like to go home?"