Legends of the DragonWorld

You step forward and find yourself in what looks to be a large entrance hall in a castle.
"Hello?" you say. There is no reply.
You look around. There are several doors leading away from you, all with plaques above them. You're not entirely sure what some of the signs mean, but you're fairly sure they're nothing to worry about.
Two signs on pillars either side of the door straight in front of you catch your eye and you glance at them, curious.

Recent Developments

For convenience sake, I have restructured this entire site (like you couldn't already guess that *grins*) I got bored with the old look; I designed it when I was 14 and it was showing its age. I was also getting sick and tired of that same annoying tune playing over again, so with a little help from Website Abstraction I got a little java applet to randomly play 10 midi files. If you get bored with the tune playing or don't like it, simply hit refresh to find one you do like *g*

Developments in Progress

The very first Legend, telling how the DragonWorld was created. It's also one of the longest Legends, which is why it may take longer than the others to scribe
Gryphon adoptions
Unicorn adoptions
Alicorn adoptions
A kind of exploratory adoption page, inspired by The Nameless Forest. (You can go there to see what I'm talking about-it's a really good site)

Having read the two notices, you then glance at the doors, reading the plaques above them, and make your decision.

History Archives
North Wing
South Wing
East Wing
West Wing
Dragon Wing

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