Okay...these are the rules for mating your Fire Lizards!

1. Your Fire Lizard must be an adult

2. The mates go as follows:
Gold will mate only with Bronze and vice versa. I might be willing to make an exception to this and allow Browns to fly Golds but only if the bondmates of both can give me a good reason.
Greens will mate with Browns and Blues. The same rule as above applies...I may allow Bronzes to fly Greens but only if both bondmates give me a good reason

3. Both bondmates must email me separately telling me they want their Fire Lizards to become mates

4. I don't mind how you find a mate for your Fire Lizard...you can either email each other and sort it out privately or email me and ask me to find a mate for you. 5. I will pick the size of the clutches

Sound good? Cool! Okay...just a few more things; not rules exactly, just general info.
How much you get involved with your clutch is up to you. If you want to get involved with all of it, tell me. This means you get to pick the colours in the clutches and who Impresses what (I'll send you a list of URLs once I have enough candidates and you can email me back with your decision). To avoid complications, decisions like this can either be made jointly or the owner of the female Fire Lizard can make them. Or you can do either of those things or neither. If you have any more ideas on how to go about this, please share them with me!