Ganir Town

After thinking for a few minutes, you decide you'd quite like to visit Ganir Town and Reltskan leads you in a U-turn before swimming leisurely down.
When you get within sight of Ganir Town, Lapis becomes very excited and starts pulling you along a little faster than you care to go.
Lapis, slow down! Reltskan says sharply. You'll see Magma soon enough.
Grumbling all the time, the Dragon slows just slightly.
Magma is another Dragon from Downloadable Dragons, Reltskan tells you. And he's also about the closest thing Lapis has to a friend, he adds, with a moment of uncharacteristic spite.
Magma BEST friend! Lapis emphasises coldly. Friends with me, not you, halfbreed!
You wonder briefly why Reltskan never seems to take offence at being referred to like that, then decide it doesn't really matter as a larger Dragon than Lapis streaks past you, chirping noisily.
Magma, cut that out! Reltskan says sharply. I'm trying to show our visitor around Ganir Town; there'll be time enough for you to play.
With a draconic sigh, Magma starts to swim forward, using his wings to propel him in bursts of speed through the water.
He decided to live here, the halfbreed says. I guess it's to do with the colour. Most of the Dragons like to stick to like colours.
A visitor?? Already?
You glance up and see a red Salrind with bright green fins floating in front of you.
Hey Tekara, Reltskan says. This is our most recent visitor. They say they might be willing to give one of your subjects or another Salrind's a home.
You'll be wanting to see Ashelenda at the Portals, then, Tekara says. You should go there soon; she'll be quite glad of the company. So, I imagine, will Prism.
Prism lives at Portals! Lapis says sneeringly, and you can hear the open contempt in his voice when he mentions the word 'portals'. Magma squawks agreement and both Reltskan and Tekara round on them.
Lapis, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with anyone who lives at the portals! the halfbreed says angrily. They're as much a Salrind or Dragon as you and Tekara.
Hmph. In which order did you mean that?
Thoroughly incensed now, Reltskan takes a swipe at him, missing by a good few inches. Lapis jerks out of the way.
Okay, okay! I'll stop saying things about Portallers!
You better do just that, Lapis, Reltskan says, his voice full of cold fury. Then you both look around for Tekara-but she's busy remonstrating Magma and Reltskan signals to you that it would be better to leave quietly now.

Gold Tower-The gold and highest ranking Salrinds
Reef Castle-More impressive than Gold Tower, Reef Castle is home to the second highest ranking Salrinds, the silvers.
Coral Caves-Home to the third highest rank, the black Salrinds.
Ametown-Purple Salrinds
Lapisville-Home of the blue Salrinds
Terrville-Living area of brown Salrinds-second lowest in rank.
Perdorit Village-Home of the green Salrinds, lowest ranking.
Portals-Houses those responsible for taking care of the portals, the 'misc' Salrinds. These don't have any rank.