Gold Tower

Reltskan leads you down towards the impressive gold cylinder. As soon as you get close, there is a disturbance in the water beside you and you suddenly notice you've acquired another Dragon.Reltskan glances over.
Oh, that's just Orola, don't mind her.
Just? What did that halfbreed mean, 'just' Orola? the gold Dragon says haughtily.
All of the Dragons from Downloadable Dragons chose a Salrind area to live in, Reltskan tells you. They tried to stick within their colours. Orola went to live with Inlhra in Gold Tower-Inlhra is the leader of the golden Salrinds.
You nod and the small group of you swim down to the cylinder which is riddled with large holes. You gasp in surprise, which highly amuses both SKAN halfbreed and Dragons and nearly drowns you.
Don't forget, you aren't dealing with SKAN or your people here, Reltskan says, amused.
Brought visitors, have you?
Startled, you look up to find yourself face to face with a golden Salrind.
Yeah, that's right, Reltskan answers. This person might be willing to offer your people a place.
Really? The Salrind seems to drop some of her haughty airs. Well, you'll be needing to talk to Ashelenda, not me. Don't let me keep you!
She turns and swims off. Slightly taken aback, you glance over at the halfbreed.
She's usually like that, Reltskan says. It comes of being the highest of the high-it's turned her head slightly. She's still very good at being the highest, though. The only problem is, she knows it.
He pulls out the map again and you both study it.

Reef Castle-More impressive than Gold Tower, Reef Castle is home to the second highest ranking Salrinds, the silvers.
Coral Caves-Home to the third highest rank, the black Salrinds.
Ganir Town-The living area of red Salrinds and fourth rankings
Ametown-Purple Salrinds
Lapisville-Home of the blue Salrinds
Terrville-Living area of brown Salrinds-second lowest in rank.
Perdorit Village-Home of the green Salrinds, lowest ranking.
Portals-Houses those responsible for taking care of the portals, the 'misc' Salrinds. These don't have any rank.