Y's Weyr

You step into the weyr and look around. There is no sign of anyone there.
"Hello?" you call. "Is anybody home?"
There is a loud barking from one of the side tunnels and a small, half grown German Shepherd comes out.
"Don't worry, he's friendly!" a young girl's voice calls from further down that tunnel. A few minutes later, the girl herself appears, albeit in slightly damp clothes, towelling her hair dry.
"Sorry," she gasps out, "you caught me just as I was getting out of the bath."
You stare at her.
"A bath?" you echo. "You have a bath in the cave??"
"Well, not exactly a bath," your new friend explains. "This cave just happens to be close to some hot springs. My friends helped me hollow out a flat rock to make a kind of bath shaped type thingy, and whenever I want a bath, I just take this bucket-" she indicates a wooden bucket slung against a wall "-fill it with hot water and pour it into my bath. By the time I've trekked backwards and forwards enough to fill it, it's cooled down to a pleasant temperature."
She pauses for breath.
"So are you a candidate?" you ask.
"Yep! I'm a candidate at DragonWorld Legends and Adoptions. I really hope I Impress a dragon-it gets kinda lonely here at night."
"What's your name?" you ask. The girl turns bright red.
"Oh, I'm so sorry, how rude of me! I'm Y and I'm fifteen." She unwinds the turban towel she'd wrapped around her head to reveal short red hair cropped close to her skull. So short that, in fact, you wonder why she bothered to wear a turban in the first place. You introduce yourself, noticing for the first time that Y, although very attractive, is a little overweight. She notices your glance and grins ruefully.
"Overindulgence, I'm afraid. I've always had a weakness for fruit cake. I have to go feed Topaz here-" she points to her puppy who tries to lick her finger "-but feel free to look around."
"Thanks," you say, and do just that. The cave is large and spacious with various drawings hung on the wall, some of Topaz, some of dragons and others just of landscapes. They're not outstanding but they're not too bad either and you realise that drawing must be Y's favourite hobby. After admiring these, you continue to look around. There is a small bed in one corner that hasn't yet been made and a couple of holes knocked in the wall for windows giving a wonderful view of the surrounding country.
You notice a large tunnel, almost large enough to be an extension of the cave. Curious, you follow it and come onto a huge shelf. You look down and start to feel dizzy at the height.
How can Y live so high up?! you wonder. The whole area is a cave bigger than Y's actual living area but the far wall isn't there. There's just an empty space backing out over the area.
This must be where Y and her dragon would fly, if she Impresses one, you think. You're starting to panic slightly-heights have never been your strong point-and so you turn around and leave Y's weyr.

Okay, so why would this be a good weyr? First of all, it's easy to read and there's a realistic background to it.
Secondly, the person is realistic. They aren't the stereotype 'beauty' with long golden hair and blue eyes, (not that I've anything against those, of course) they have flaws and they're more entertaining to read.
Thirdly, this person has made an effort to try to create an interesting setting, including little details such as Y's drawings and Topaz.
Finally, it has a link back to my page with the name, not just 'here'. It was very entertaining to read and this sort of page would definitely get a high-ranking dragon. If you haven't yet seen what I don't want, click here, if you want to apply, click here and if you just want to go back home, click here.

Thanks to Icon Bazaar for the background.