Page Guardians

Okay, I got enough interest in the idea of Page Guardians to create this page. Here you can choose a Guardian to guard your page or request a custom-made one. There are only 5 rules:

1. You must have a kid-safe page

2. You must fill in the Guardian Register so I'll know who's adopted from me.

3. You must provide a link back to DragonWorld Legends and Adoptions at so others can adopt as well.

4. Save the Guardian to your own hard disk and upload her to your own server! I change file names on a regular basis. And I don't think you'll like your 'treat'!

5. These Guardian images are copyright to me. Please don't edit them unless you have my permission to do so first.

Okay? Sound good? Great! Then just go ahead and meet the Guardians!

(NB:-I don't have many right now-but I've categorised them anyway. All these Guardians look best on a dark background-but they're all transparent so it doesn't really matter.)

Seasons (4)
Elements (4)
Animals (2)
Fantasy (2)
Miscellaneous (1)

If you can't find what you want here, you can also request a custom Guardian, made however you want. I'll also provide a link back to your site once I've created your Guardian.

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