The DragonWorld

You blink and look around you. You can't see anything much except for swirling coloured mists. Tentatively, you take a step forward.
Something flies in front of you. Startled, you jump back.
"Don't worry about him," a melodic voice says from somewhere. "He's usually like this around visitors."
You squint and think you can just about make out the shape of a tall, elegant woman standing in front of you. She smiles and steps closer so you can see her more clearly."Greetings, traveller," she says. "My name is Althne and I am from D-Mentia. It's my job to show newcomers to the crossroads." Althne raises an arm. "Come on, they won't hurt you," she says, half jokingly, half reassuringly.
A bronze firedrace flits down onto her arm and stares hard at you, eyes whirling rapidly.
"This is Stal," Althne says. "Stal, this is-sorry, didn't get your name...?"
You introduce yourself. Stal stretches his flexible neck forward cautiously and you reach out.
"That's it, just scratch his eye ridges," Althne instructs you. Nervously at first, then with more confidence, you delicately scratch the little drace's eye ridges. He closes his eyes and lets out a low croon of pleasure.
Suddenly, something rams into you from behind and you stagger. Althne shakes her head in amused exasperation.
"Gond, behave yourself. You'd better scratch his as well," she adds, "or you won't get a moment's peace."
Another firedrace-a blue one this time-watches you curiously. Far from being as nervous as Stal, Gond insists you keep scratching and scratching...and scratching!
"Don't worry about Gond," Althne says, whilst scratching Stal's eye ridges some more. The little bronze wriggles in pleasure. "He's just thrilled to have another drace to help show people round-particularly one from the same place that he came from-and he likes to think of Stal as his little brother. He's a little protective."
"A little protective!" you echo, still busily scratching. "It's amazing, if they're from the same place, that Stal is so much more nervous and timid than Gond."
Althne raises her eyebrows.
"Not really. You see, Stal-" and here her voice becomes hard- "Stal was abandoned. We saw him in the abandoned firedrace section and felt so sorry for him we took him home to keep Gond company. But enough talking," she adds, in her normal voice again, "if we don't get moving now, we'll never get to the crossroads!" She looks around, although how she can see anything in the miasma of colours is beyond you.
"Chrysial!" she calls softly. "Chrysial, are you coming? We have guests."
There is the rush of wings from above you and suddenly a golden dragon is standing in front of you. "This is Chrysial," Althne says. "She's from Dragon Moon. Like Stal, however, Chrysial was abandoned and we adopted her. She's really helpful now-she's the one who's responsible for taking all visitors to the crossroads! She's also feeling very pleased with herself because she recently became the mate of Sheratan's dragon, Cabrauntes. Chrysial," and here Althne turns to the beautiful dragon, "would you please take us to the crossroads?"
But of course, Chrysial answers courteously. I would be only too happy.
"Thank you." Althne walks over to her and you follow her with Gond perching on your shoulder. Before you reach the gold however, Althne suddenly stops and points to a painting on the wall.
"Oh, I forgot to tell you!" she says. "If you would like to go and adopt a Kellarian dragon like Chrysial, just touch the painting and it'll take you to the place where she came from. I know, it sounds crazy," she adds as you stare at her, "but it's true. I'm not sure exactly how it works myself. If you want to bond a firedrace like Stal and Gond here, just tell them and they'll take you straight there!"
You nod and, after a brief struggle, manage to position yourself between Chrysial's wings.
All set? she asks you.
"Yes thanks," you reply. Suddenly a huge bat zips in front of you and settles on Chrysial's head, looking very pleased with itself, followed by a white drace.
"Sorry," Althne says. "I forgot to tell you. This is Cosmos, a male Moon Cat from Dragon Moon. There's another one somewhere...Moondust. I think she's hiding in the forest. Anyway, Cosmos is fine with people. He's just a little too fond of coming on these rides-and of sitting on Chrysial's head," she adds pointedly.
You look closer and see that the black creature is in fact a cat with leathery, batlike wings.
"And this little one," Althne says, indicating the baby drace now perched on Gond's back, "is a female called Zap. We were lucky...white draces are incredibly rare. She's from the same place as Gond and Stal...the Hatchery."
"We should get going," Althne adds, after you've spent a few minutes scratching Zap along the spine-supposedly her favourite place. "Cosmos, get off Chrysial's head and go sit down with our visitor!"
Cosmos yawns and gives Althne a look indicating he was going to move in any case and pads down to settle in front of you, whereupon Chrysial spreads her massive wings and launches herself into the air. She turns sharply right and flies straight into the mists, which seem to get thicker as you go on. Finally, after flying for about ten minutes, you notice that Chrysial seems to be slowing down. Gracefully, she comes to land at a place that you presume to be the crossroads. Althne slips off and waves a hand. The mists disperse rapidly and you're impressed, despite yourself, and slide down Chrysial's shoulders to stand beside her.
"Thankyou, Chrysial," she says politely.
"Yes, thankyou," you add, remembering your manners, "it was a wonderful flight."
Chrysial's jewel-like eyes gleam slightly brighter in pleasure.
You're very welcome, traveller, she says. It's always nice to be appreciated.
"Here we are," says Althne, turning back to you. "From here, you can visit our adoption centre, read some of the history/legends of this place (no one's ever been able to ascertain which they are,) find out exactly who is behind this page or visit more of our world and meet all the dragons and other animals we have lurking here." She catches sight of your expression and smiles. "Don't worry; they're all very friendly, just like Chrysial here." She waves a hand and writing appears on the walls. "I really enjoyed talking to you," she says, "but me and my two drace friends here have to go and show the next visitor how to get here. Chrysial, would you mind...?"
Of course not, the gold dragon answers.
"Thanks." Althne turns and mounts Chrysial and the two of them turn and Chrysial takes off and flies back into the mists, followed by Gond, Stal, Zap and Cosmos, who has to flap hard to get back to his accustomed place. Within seconds, they've all been swallowed up completely. You turn and start reading the writing on the wall...

Legends of the DragonWorld

Greetings, and welcome to my webpage. This page contains all known legends about the DragonWorld, or Wiztliow (and several other things besides). Although the stories and characters are mine (well, so's the idea :-P) I don't mind if you want to use them-you won't get sued! All I ask is that you don't make a novel and publish it (cos then I'll get sued for stealing my own idea LOL) and that you email me to let me know so I can at least read it. The same goes for the dragons-I created the Sarin race of dragons with ranks and colors and everything, but if you want to use these, go ahead. Same goes as before, though, please let me know so's I can sign up as a candidate :-P Also, please make your own images and don't take mine.

Okay, that's the semilegal jargon out the way. Let's get down to business!

I don't usually leave specific messages here, but given the last one someone put in my guestbook, I feel obliged to defend myself. It might lead to more problems, it might not. But anyway, here we go:

Firstly, I'm not going to name you here-you know frickin' well who you are. You are, of course, entitled to your opinions about my site, but if you really feel they're justified, next time put your email address. Just putting your name isn't the mark of someone who's either mature or right; it's the mark of a coward.

Secondly, it might interest you to know that Everondian Firedraces were originally Pernese Firelizards. Online Impression agencies were exceedingly popular before Grolier came along. I changed the name out of respect for Ms McCaffery's copyrights. The name 'Everondian Firedraces' was originally thought up by Jenni at Draconia Nest (which seems to have closed down, sadly) and I used the name with her full permission.

Thirdly, if you honestly have the gall to suggest that all my site was stolen from Ms McCaffery's fine work, think again. Those of you who have been visiting this site since it first started may remember that I did originally have Pernese dragons up for adoption, but I changed it since I thought there were too many Pernese agencies already. The Legends are not, nor will they ever be based on Pern, influenced by Pern or even inspired by Pern. The only reason I picked up my first Anne McCaffery book was because I wanted to see if it was similar to the stuff I liked to write. If the name of my agency was something like "Ramoth", or even if the dragons' names ended in '-th', then I think your comments might be a little more justified. As it is, none of them cut any ice with me. You successfully wasted both our times, particularly since I've had to take time out to write in this response as I was unable to email you.

Fourthly, I don't deny that one or two of my earliest candidates were for Pernese sites, but this was before Grolier ever came on the scene and besides, I created the candidates for a clutch at someone else's site. I do not, nor have I ever, claimed responsibility for the content on third party sites.

Fifthly, I don't suppose you'll ever read any of the above, but it might discourage similar childish messages from appearing in my guestbook. I'm also not in the habit of putting things like this on my main page for the whole world to see, but since you didn't supply a valid email, this is the only way I can see to defend myself. If you think my site is as bad as all that, nobody's making you visit it.

Oh, and one last thing; the name of the girl with all the firelizards is Menolly, not Melon. Just thought I'd point that out...

Alright, enough of that. Sorry for anyone else who had to read it, but I don't take kindly to unwarranted insults like the ones I got from this person. Anyway, on with the rest of the site...

These weren't written with any particular order in mind-but for best order, I suggest you start at the top and work down. Enjoy!

What's New?

(Okay, I know this feature so far has a grand total of 0 votes in the survey-but I decided to put it in anyway to save everyone having to check through my pages.)

I have finally got round to adding another Legend! Reunion is up and ready for anyone who cares to read it

The Sarin Dragon Agency is finally up and running again! Go to the Sarin Chambers for more details. There are 2 clutches available
I have added Synan, Guardian of Dragons to the Guardian's pages (so please don't apply for a Guardian of Dragons; that one's gone)

Coming Soon!

A new legend that tells of how the DragonWorld was actually created. It's turning out to be a lot longer than I first planned which is why it hasn't been put up yet
Griffin adoptions
Alicorn adoptions
Unicorn adoptions
(Note to everyone; this site may suddenly go down. I'm no longer happy with the design of it-it was done when I was fifteen and it's showing its age LOL! I've redesigned the Sarin Dragons section and I'm working on a completely new layout. Hopefully it'll only take a day or two)

So...where do you want to go?

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