*grins* Okay, I've got a kind of thing about writing people's diaries for 'em LOL!-so I decided to do one of Danshi, seen from Jerome's point of view.

Saturday January 6th, 2001

Well, this is it. The last performance of Whistle Down the Wind. I can't say I'm particularly sorry-actually, that's not true. It's been fun, I guess. I just have a couple of projects lined up-I'd like to get around to doing Road Movie at some stage and I heard about a show called Crime of Passion, a kind of musical/monologue/one man show. Maybe I'll look into it; I might be able to do it in Edinburgh.
Better finish later; it's makeup time.

(still Saturday...just)

If anyone ever asks me what the most irritating kind of person is, I'll give 'em the name of this theatre manager! Doesn't he understand that "I'm not interested" means just that? I mean, I know I still have a slight accent in English, but it's not that bad! Long story short, the Powers That Be have decided to keep this show going, and guess who they want to fill the role of The Man? That's right; me. I ended up signing just to shut him up. Sometimes I think I'm too easily swayed.

One problem; staying on here means I'll have to keep dealing with Lianne and her Sheep Society. I don't mind kids, but that girl drives me over the edge sometimes! If I was feeling irritable right now, I'd write about how I wish the director would get rid of her or how I wish she'd find some other production to hassle. If I was feeling irritable.