Still Sunday

Humans! On Alcatraz! Why didn't anyone tell me?? Christine and I were eating with the virela when this human appears. At first we thought somehow the people from the ship had found us. The dagger he threw into Orila's chest put something of a dent in that theory-why would anyone from the ship want to attack a Shiiran? And why the head of a magic guild?

Better still (and that was sarcasm) WE are the ones who have to find out who this guy was and why he killed Orila. Apparently it's Shiiran law or something along those lines. Great. Why did I ever think finding the ship would be simple?

One bright spark in all this darkness is that we're not alone in this. Niira had a jiirik accompany us-jiirik are like the Shiiran police. This particular jiirik is called Highfire and is green. I don't know why that surprises me-I've been abducted, tricked onto another world that turns out to be a rainforest not a desert, so a little green man-or Shiiran-shouldn't come as a shock. I've just never seen a creature with green fur.

Oh wonderful. Acheron, my best friend in the whole world, is coming along with us. So's Demi and Puck. I understand Demi coming along, if the human doesn't speak Shiiran-or by some wild chance, English-it'd be a good idea to have an interpreter along, but Puck?? Oh well. It's not like I have any problem with her.