Still Sunday

Never meddle in politics. That's what my father says, and after today, I can't help feeling he has a point. Let me see if I can't get this straight...this human was a member of the Djivi-Getheros, which is some kind of assassination/religious cult. Gail, the head honcho (or honchette, I suppose) ordered his death because Orila's son joined the D.-G. and this pissed Orila off so much he started to try and gather an army to storm the headquarters (God, that sounds dramatic!) and remove his son by force. Gail paid a Shiiran called Plidus a lot of money to keep quiet about all this and to pay the assassin. Why Plidus, I don't know, and I'm not sure where that other Shiiran, Miikel-the one who helped the human escape-fits into this puzzle either. Still, we managed to fix the problem, and we're now free to leave Tiriinakali (yes, that's the name of this city. And unlike the Shiiran names, there's no short version either)

Speaking of Shiiran, Puck, Highfire and Demi are coming along. I'm not sure whether to be pleased or annoyed at this, but they could very well help us in this strange new country. It's called Abenir and supposedly it's the main continent for humans. We'll have to see what's there.