Wednesday, 31st January

That's a little better. Monday and Tuesday were pretty rough; we're still bailing out seawater. If the Shiiran are capable of creating something out of nothing and freezing creatures solid, WHY don't they have any decent spells to sail through storms WITHOUT getting soaked to the skin??

Demi's doing what she does best; teaching us the language of people in Abenir. When I was back on Earth, people speaking French, English, German, Urdu, Chinese and the like seemed pretty normal. Here on Alcatraz, having to learn new languages is a bloody pain! Why can't they get one standard language and stick with it???

Acheron-well, Acheron's still steering the ship (yes, diary, even after sailing straight into that storm; can you believe it??), Christine's sitting on the deck sunbathing, Puck's trying to learn a new spell to conjure up a pricklebush in order to give us some variety in our diet. Pricklebushes are kind of like a cross between a hydrangea and a cactus. In personality (if they actually HAVE one; frankly, nothing would surprise me now) they're like an overexcited porcupine. Apparently you can eat the flowers off them. I've never tried; in my opinion, pricklebushes are badly named. Two-Inch-Long-Razor-Sharp-Thornbushes might be more accurate, although I appreciate it doesn't quite roll off the tongue as easily. That's why I'm writing this out here. It's simply not safe to lie in my hammock anymore, not until Puck stops randomly manifesting pricklebushes. Those things hurt!