Tuesday, 13th March

So now we've got her, this Kerstine. Nobody here has heard of the ship, so that's that lead out. And guess what? Mairt (how I kept a straight face saying that, I don't know) the queen of this place wants us to go find her husband who's gone to see the mages and hasn't come back yet. Jeez. Why does it always have to be ME who has to sort these things out? I told Christine that he'd probably found some cute barmaid somewhere and got a thwack on the arm for my troubles. I think I'll keep my mouth shut in future.

Anyway, Kerstine was visiting from a nearby tribe and according to Demi, wants to come with us. Of course, nobody tells ME these things. First I heard of it was when Kerstine came up to me and said, "Hey, Demi said you wouldn't mind my tagging along." I mean, I don't want people answering to me for every little thing they do, but it would have been nice to get a little warning.

So we're 'off to see the wizard', as Dorothy once put it. How appropriate.