Wednesday, 14th March

WHY ME??? What is it about me that makes people think 'good ol' Jérôme, he'll fix it'?? First we arrive at this mage place only to be told that the king/leader/whatever the hell he is has gone into a shrine. And guess who has to go look for him? That's right. Me. Well, us, really, but that's beside the point! The mages are conveniently forbidden from entering, so they sucker us poor saps into doing it.

And I'm not sure about Kerstine. There's something about her that bugs me. She and Demi seem to know each other from somewhere, and I don't think I want to know where. When I ask about it, Demi seems to become strangely deaf until the subject's changed, and Kerstine isn't the kind of person you ask questions of. Actually, I'm not too keen on the idea of talking to Kerstine right now. She reminded me about Cara-I'd completely forgotten her. I hope she's okay, wherever she is.