Thursday 15th March

Question: are there hostile creatures on Alcatraz?
Answer: oh yeah. Definitely. They're called kendos and they look like someone crossed a bear with a tiger. Six legs, seven foot tall, razor sharp teeth and claws. And guess what? There are at least twenty of them in here with us (there used to be more but Highfire killed one of them with that lance thing and I managed to take down another two with it. What the hell did Christine mean about "Don't quit your day job, Lancelot?", anyway)

Right now we're not doing much. Highfire got knocked out during the fight so we're waiting for her to come round so Puck can do that healing/magic thing on her. Christine's not speaking to me since she claims I shaved some of her hair off with Highfire's lance. Kerstine and Acheron, the two people who might just have done some good, both turned and ran out as soon as they caught sight of the kendos. Not only that, Kerstine slammed the doors on us, and according to Puck, they only open one way as well. Can someone explain to me what's with all these one-way doors? And while they're at it, can they also explain to me why I always seem to end up on the wrong side of them?