Tuesday, January 9th 2001

Okay. Fine. My life was perfectly normal up until three days ago. You know; the star of Whistle Down The Wind, a flat in Covent Garden, crap like that. And I thought my life was going to keep on being perfectly normal until I came out and found Cara waiting for a lift home (her mother's disabled or something). I've said it before and I say it again, I don't believe that it's always the actor playing The Man who has to give her a lift.

And I really don't believe that it was in the small print of my contract.

All that aside, she and I were walking down the street when something-or probably someone-hit me on the back of the head. Just like that! What the hell did I ever do to them??

Then when I come round I'm sitting in this chair opposite a large-and I use the word loosely-man. Apparently I was knocked out and brought here three days ago. Which makes me wonder; was I sitting in that chair all that time?? I certainly don't remember anything before that.

Vaughan (that's the name of the guy behind the desk-Jon Vaughan) told me Cara was 'safe' and 'being well taken care of'. Hah. Like hell. I'll believe that one when I see it.

In the meantime...what the hell does this guy want with me?