Sunday 6th May

So much for mud baths being healthy. I have just spent three weeks-get that, three weeks-in a raging fever, according to Puck, and all because of a little mud in one of the numerous scratches I've picked up in the four months (four months, can it really be true?) on Danshi.

Four months. Jeez. A third of a year spent on an alien world. What did I do to deserve this?

I have to admit though; it hasn't been all bad. And yes, I am thinking about Christine and what just happened! I'd been hoping for something along those lines since...oh, since we rescued Kefros, I guess.

More catching up to do. This place is like Night of the Living Dead, or Invasion of the Bodysnatchers! All people do is walk around as though they're...well, hypnotised. They give a new meaning to the phrase 'slaves to routine'. I wonder what would happen if I stood directly in their way?

All that aside, Puck's gone missing. Usually I wouldn't worry-hell, I'd welcome the peace and quiet (joke)-but according to Demi and Kerstine (first time I've seen them agree on anything) she didn't sleep in her bed last night. I hope she's okay.