Still Sunday

So Kerstine's got a temper, has she? I don't know why I'm surprised, but the down side to her little eruption is that she's no longer a part of our group. How permanent this is, I can't say, but she seems pretty stubborn.

Bad news: it's been decided that we're going to go and look for Puck in Cardinal's fortress (can you say 'walking into the lion's den'??)

Good news: Acheron says she's coming with us. I'm not entirely sure this is good news, but one more person can't hurt. And until I know a hell of a lot more about her, I'd much rather have Acheron as a friend than as an enemy.

More bad news: Our plan of action is to walk right up and knock. Literally. Me, I give us about two seconds before Cardinal sucks our brains out through our eyeballs, as I tried to tell Acheron.

What's even crazier; I'm actually going along with this!