No idea of the date...let's call it Monday 7th May and work from there

Okay. Fine. I've seen a secret underground facility. I've seen a giant spaceship. I've seen an alien world. I've seen a completely new civilisation.

What I haven't seen is a human turn into a Shiiran! Turns out 'Caterina' is none other than our friendly jiirik Highfire, who's a...kiiaru-naasha. Let's see...kii is body and naas is...
Hmm. So kiiaru-naasha literally means 'someone who can't make up their mind which body they want to be in'. (Alright, I'll admit it-it loses a lot in the translation! I'm still relatively new to this language.)

I'll finish later; following Highfire/Caterina's revelation, someone now has to bring Puck round. Thanks a lot, Highfire!