Monday 7th May

Cardinal knows about the ship?? CARDINAL knows about the ship?? Cardinal knows about the SHIP??

(It's no good; it sounds just as bad however I write or say it)

Cardinal knows about the ship. And if that's not a surprise in itself, she's from Earth! Christine claims she's one of Ax's people. Having watched her vanish into thin air right in front of me, I can't say I disagree. Anyway.

According to Cardinal, the ship is on Rainiri. (Yes, yes, YES!!!) Apparently it landed on the other side of the mountains and region known as the Jivvital (did I spell that right?)

(Nope. Demi informs me it's supposed to be spelt Djivital. Oh well.)

Slightly not-so-good news; the Djivital is ruled by Gail and Gaia, twin sisters, each in charge of an assassins' organisation. Gail's is the Djivi-Getheros and Gaia's is the Djivi-Kairos.

Or is it the other way around?

Oh well, it doesn't really matter. What matters is that it looks like we'll FINALLY be able to get back home! I'm pretty sure that we'll be able to get permission from the twins to get through the mountains.

Interesting question; if Djivi-Getheros means the servants of Getheros and Djivi-Kairos means the servants of Kairos, does the Djivital translate as Servant's Land?

Nope. Kerstine just told me that 'djiv' (plural djivi) refers only to servants of deities. Religious Fanatic Land, in other words.

Oops; everyone's starting to give me pointed looks. I better finish this later, once we're through the mountains. I have to admit though-despite my earlier optimism-Cardinal's description of the twins left a kind of nagging doubt in my mind (and Acheron nicknaming them the Sisters Kray didn't do anything to make me feel better, either)

I just hope we're not walking into a trap.