Thursday 10th May

Traitors. I'm surrounded by traitors. No sooner had Christine and I gotten within a hundred yards of the ship than Tran (that damn pile of rust and bolts) knocked us both out and sealed us in the medibay and gave me the mother of all hangovers.

And more good news; Christine's determined to stop Vaughan destroying this world. Actually, so am I. But it sounded more suicidal the way she put it. Supposedly Ax is going to help us out, but I'll believe that when I see it.

Okay. I've seen it. I believe it. I also believe in the heavily armed security forces holding us both at gunpoint. Why can't things ever be simple??

Great. Wonderful. We're about two seconds away from being shot and Christine decides that now would be a good time to start her career as a hypnotist. Credit where credit's due, it almost worked, although in the end I had to step in and use my own foolproof method of causing someone to lose all awareness of their conscious mind and surroundings (otherwise known as hitting them on the head with a big metal bucket.) I admit it lacks a certain forethought and planning that could best be summed up in the sentence "One gun-toting maniac down, oh great, now what are you going to do about the other nineteen?"

Actually, Puck sorted that out. Yes, Puck. Apparently her curiosity got the better of her and she put a sleep spell on the others, then snuck after us. How she got in, I don't know. I suspect it has something to do with the Trai...whatever the hell that is. Christine usually finds some way to change the subject whenever I mention it.

Right now, we're about to crawl into an airduct Aliens style, mostly due to the fact that Tran activated a force field at either end of the corridor, penning us in. So Christine, me and Puck are going to feel our way through a dark, confined tunnel, with no way of knowing where we're going and with the distinctly unpleasant possibility of getting sucked into an extractor fan, or some such like.

Dear Diary: note to self. Next time a theatre manager tries to convince me into staying on in my role, run like hell!