Still Thursday

If my grandchildren ever find this diary, they're going to have a field day with it. First I get sent to an alien world, then solve a mystery, then rescue a king, then break the evil sorceress' spell, freeing Rainiri from her influence, then escape from the dungeons of the most feared cult on Danshi.

And right now I'm sitting here in a large room surrounded by Ax's people. WHY didn't anyone think to WARN me what the Saccran really looked like!? I mean, it's one thing to find a strange, non-human being on an alien world. It's quite another to know that they're walking among us on Earth! Talking to them is like talking to a Utahraptor, or another six and a half foot bipedal lizard/dino type creature. U.N.N.E.R.V.I.N.G., in other words, even if they are on our side.

Another piece of good news (and no, diary, that wasn't my sarcasm voice) Highfire's back! Apparently her being a kiiaru-naasha meant she wasn't as affected by Puck's sleep spell.

What's not so good is the little fact that we're planning to go get the other Shiiran and walk right up and knock on the front door. I think Vaughan isn't going to take kindly to that. I also think everyone here is crazy apart from me and Christine, and I'm not too sure about me anymore.