Still Tuesday-it's been a busy day, to say the least.

Ducky. An interesting character. Extrovert, bubbly and (I'm fairly sure) loopy. Still, she told Christine and I how to sneak into the command centre to find out what was going on. She even gave us an access code.
Not that I'm going to use it, of course.

It seems Acheron wanted to find out more as well. I found her in the service deck, which apparently leads to the command centre. (I just wanted to see if the code worked; I wasn't going to go any further. But I felt it was my chivalrous duty to help Acheron out)

Oh, alright, alright, I was curious as hell, I'll admit it. And besides, Christine and Ducky decided to join us. Safety in numbers, and all that.

Command Centre

Okay. The remains of someone who was literally blown apart by an explosion. That is something that NO ONE should have to see! In a way, I'm damn glad I haven't eaten in three days, although Christine doesn't seem to have been so lucky. I'm also damn glad I didn't bring Cara with me.

An interesting note; Ducky found a gun under the remains of the console. According to the others, guns are, as Ducky put it, 'a big no-no'. I wonder what Ransom was doing with it.

Right. Fine. Acheron is a cold-blooded killer. I can live with that. Hey, it's no big deal, right?

Right. In ten minutes, I'm going to be on a small ship that I have no idea how to fly, with Cara (how the hell did she get in on this??) and someone who just shot two men without breaking a sweat or seemingly caring.

To think that this time last week all I had to worry about was forgetting my lines.