Saturday 13th January, 2001

Thanks to Christine, I finally managed to get some sense of order back into this diary-namely which date it is. I've also noted one or two words down for easy reference.

Shiiran-apparently that's the name of this race and this language. Hey. Who am I to argue?
shiirin-fruit fly. I'd probably never have learned that one if I hadn't mispronounced 'Shiiran' and called Demi it.
shirran-blade of grass. See above.
shi'iren-a pregnant tree. That was one of Christine's mistakes, not mine. I wonder how often Demi gets insulted like this.
kirii ma--supposedly used to tell someone they're sexy.
yiri na--some kind of introduction.
iiyu'ta niiash--piss off. Who says you can't learn anything from kids? I probably shouldn't have tried it out on that visitor, though.

There's a hell of a lot more than this, but I can't be bothered to write it all down. I just hope I learn enough to get out and start exploring-being here's all very well but I'm starting to feel cooped up.