Book Two-Reversal


So much for leaving quietly. I got about five yards away from Mallin when this silver dragon (no, not Nrizali) arrived on the scene. Maybe that's why I stayed. After all, there are only about seven or eight known silvers in the whole of Wiztliow.
I guess I stuck around through curiosity more than anything. I wanted to know who was worthy of the rarest dragon in this world.
(Although in my opinion, silvers have notoriously bad taste; look at who Nrizali chose to bond with).
I watch as the silver lands on Mallin. Alirtha and Narpen don't seem too happy at the prospect of more company, but most of that seems to be tempered by curiosity. And if I'm honest, I feel more or less the same way.
The silver's rider, a female with reddish-brown hair and green eyes, dismounts. Behind her is a male with the darkest skin I've ever seen. He smells like a SKAN, and he has a rankscar marking him as a hol-as does she-but there's no i.t. on his other cheek. Well. That's an interesting development.
"Can we help you?" Narpen says, somewhat coolly, albeit with the respect due to the others' rank.
Both visitors incline their heads. It's not a nod, not in the answering sense of the word. It's more acknowledgement of the comment.
"We heard things from Vinari," the female says easily. "Stories about an Outsider on this island."
Narpen moves between them and Alirtha.
"There are no Outsiders on this island," he says pointedly.
"Ex-Outsiders, then," the male answers, perhaps a little too politely.
Narpen stiffens.
"I don't know what you're-"
The female cuts across.
"Alright, syer, I'll make it easy for you. Rylaio. Aka Maak. We heard he was on this island."
"And you heard right." Rylaio manages to stand up. Narpen and Alirtha take half a step forward, almost as if they're going to try and protect him. Ha! That's a joke! Either one of these two newcomers could wipe the floor with both of them. And one hand tied behind their back.
Surprisingly, attack doesn't seem to be what the strangers have in mind. If it didn't seem too impossible to even consider, I'd be prepared to swear they-
-knew him.
The female turns to the male, smirking.
"Told you he was here."
"That's all very well for you to say. You're a bondmate."
"Well, if you left the island once in a while, there's no reason why you couldn't bond as well." There's a tone in the female's voice that says this is a common argument between the two of them.
"Do you remember us?" the male asks easily.
Rylaio squints, like the sun's in his eyes.
"...Durali?" he says, like he can't believe it. I shift forwards, interested in spite of myself. Acheron often speaks very highly of the SKAN Durali.
Durali flashes white teeth in a grin.
"You do remember! I told Mirac I wasn't sure if you would."