You point to Lapisville on the map and raise your eyebrows inquiringly. Reltskan nods and leads you off on a route that's almost straight back the way you came for a few minutes before diving further down.
Lapis seems very anxious to get there, and you're finding it hard to keep a grip on his tail.
We're going to Lapisville!
Lapis, just keep your thoughts on our visitor, will you?
I love going to Lapisville!
I mean it.
Are we there yet?
In case you hadn't worked out from the name,
Reltskan explains, Lapisville is Lapis' town. He lives there with the blue Salrinds, just like Orola does with the golds.
You nod and the three of you swim right into the centre of the town before meeting a Salrind.
Blues are quite shy,
Reltskan says, which is why we haven't been inundated with Salrinds the minute we arrived.
You nod again and turn your attention to the blue in front of you.
This is Arengi, the halfbreed says, and introduces you, explaining you've come to find out about offering a Salrind a place.
Tell the niaru min arn very ashirantal that ka irln melarn, the Salrind says. You glance over to Reltskan for help.
Ah...the blues haven't yet got the hang of either my language or yours yet, Reltskan says. Well, not fully anyway. They tend to substitute, same as Lapis does sometimes. What she really said was to tell you she was very grateful that you were here. She hopes that you'll help her subjects and also hopes that you'll excuse her but she really has to go now so goodbye
By the time the halfbreed has finished translating, Arengi has vanished. He shrugs.
That's nothing new. She can never be persuaded to stay around for any longer than she absolutely has to.
The two of you study the map again.

Gold Tower-The gold and highest ranking Salrinds
Reef Castle-More impressive than Gold Tower, Reef Castle is home to the second highest ranking Salrinds, the silvers.
Coral Caves-Home to the third highest rank, the black Salrinds.
Ganir Town-The living area of red Salrinds and fourth rankings
Ametown-Purple Salrinds
Terrville-Living area of brown Salrinds-second lowest in rank.
Perdorit Village-Home of the green Salrinds, lowest ranking.
Portals-Houses those responsible for taking care of the portals, the 'misc' Salrinds. These don't have any rank.