You take the book from Imogen and start reading the guidelines. (NB:-Where possible I have included links to a good site for this color of dragon)

Green and Red dragons

Doesn't really matter. So long as your homepage covers the basic rules, there's no reason why you shouldn't bond with one of these.

Black and Purple dragons

As above but the page where they are has to be dragon related; either with other adopted dragons or another draconic theme.

Brown and Blue dragons

As the previous two but these need their own living space and cannot be placed with other adopted dragons. Any other cyberpets are fine.

Copper and Bronze dragons

These need all the things above but they also need a persona to bond with.

Silver and Gold dragons

Need all listed above plus detail in their cave...a description of the cave itself and a description of the persona. This has to be a reasonable length...longer than four lines, for example.

Black Spectrum and Spirit dragons

Need a detailed description of their cave and persona, plus an appropriate background image.

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