Night Falls...

After walking for a good two hours, you finally come to the end of the Kendan Rainforest. The path continues on for as far as the eye can see. You know that Heather told you to carry on by yourself-but you're not too sure about venturing into this place on your own.
After all, if it hadn't been for Heather, Fena might well have eaten you.
You decide to wait for her. You could do with a rest anyway.
You sit down in the short grass and wait. After about ten minutes, you hear a feral snarl come from the shrubs closest to you.
Suddenly, exploring on your own seems like quite a good idea...

You pause on the path to get your breath back and wait for the little flashing lights to go away.
It's probably safe now, you think. You hope it is, because you're not going to be running much further anytime soon.
After about half an hour's rest, you continue down the path again.
You've been walking for about an hour and a half when you notice it's starting to get dark.
"Great," you mutter. "Looks like I'm going to be stuck out here for the night." You hope fervently that it isn't going to rain.
Soon, it's so dark you can't see your hand in front of your face and you start to panic.
"Uh, hello?" you say, feeling a bit of a prat at addressing the empty night but not seeing any other choice.
There's no answer. You lean forward, straining your eyes and ears. Suddenly you see two points of light ahead and you head towards them. When you get closer, you see a small cat, or what looks like a small cat. It appears to be slipping out of your vision from time to time.
The cat pads off into the darkness, then turns and looks at you, obviously waiting for you to follow it.
You weigh up your options.
Your final decision, however, is made easier by the fact that you don't actually have any, and so you follow the cat into the night.