North Field

You set off towards the North Field, glad to be moving forward instead of up for a change. As you walk, you notice the grass is getting deeper and deeper, until it's up to your waist.
Ousaf puts two fingers in his mouth and gives a low whistle.
A palomino comes flying down and performs a graceful landing just in front of you.
"This is Inlhra," Ousaf tells you. "He's the lead stallion-well, the only stallion, really-of this herd."
He indicates a jet black pegasus busy grazing.
"And that's Rialsa, Inlhra's mate. She recently had her second foal, which is the one we're looking to house at the minute."
"Is that it?" you ask, pointing at the liver chestnut who's just come up to sniff your pockets curiously.
"No," Ousaf says with a grin, "that's her first foal, a colt called Shavar." He catches sight of the look on your face. "Pegasai don't just come in black and white, you know," he says, almost teasingly. "Basically, if you can find it on a normal horse, you can find it on a pegasus. Take Rialsa's foal, for example," he adds. "He was a piebald colt, adopted a few days ago. That's why there isn't one here for adoption." He pauses. "So, where to now? Do you want to check out the West field, the East or do you want to go back home? Or do you want to apply to adopt a foal?"