You stand outside the main entrance of the castle. Turning round, you can see that despite the impressive interior, the outside is practically covered in ivy, although there are one or two bare patches of stone. These patches have a kind of strange symmetry, the kind you get with someone attempting to pull foliage off not quite at random. For want of somewhere to go, you keep walking down the track. After about twenty minutes, it branches in two. There's a signpost stuck in the middle, one arrow pointing back the way you've come with the words Rialonil Sh'vangur written on it. The one pointing down the left path has the words Tyr a'Firedrace on it and the third to the right has the words Cyberpet Tour. Although the signs are in a mixture English and some strange language you've never seen before, you're fairly confident about them (not least because certain death isn't usually signposted) and so you make your decision.

Take the left path
Take the right path
Go back the way you came