To attempt to facilitate communications, I have taken notes and names of various lonili (being the SKAN word for 'territories' or, more literally, colonies) as well as ranking members and how to tell one from the other. There are several of these scattered around, as well as several more that were living outside when we succeeded in taking back this building.

In the Forests

Gura, leader Telitha, easily recognisable by the scar on her jaw. As far as I was able to ascertain, Gura seems to be the leading pack; the others in the forest appear to tread very carefully around it and its members.
Miras, leader Siral, recognisable by his eyes-one blue, one brown. Following the account of our victorious battle, I suspect that Siral is the leader of those SKAN who escaped. The Miras lonil is to be treated with the utmost caution. They have been known to attack innocent people out of hand.
Selthu, leader Chi'hana. Recognisable only by the fact that she's not Telitha or Siral. Selthu is a very new pack and I suspect it won't last long.

In the Mountains

Akhi, leader Reko, only has four fingers on his left hand. Being the only pack in the mountains (I think) they enjoy complete and total monopoly of the passes there. Travel at your own risk.

On the Beaches

Reis, leader Miri, recognisable by her long blond hair (most SKAN cut their hair as short as possible. Cold, calculating and seductive. Not to be trusted.
Halin, leader Tal, recognisable by vivid red hair and burn scar down entire left side. It is my suspicion that Tal was a rebel in the castle and one of those few who escaped when we burned it out, particularly since she appears to be a newcomer to the beaches.
Veral, leader Likasha. Having found an account of our battle, I believe that this Likasha is the same one that Tira referred to in her diary. This pack is marginally safe, preferring to run rather than fight, but should still be treated with caution.
Aliu, leader Mithala, recognisable by dark skin only. The leading pack of the Beaches, Mithala and Tal occasionally fight each other for control of a certain stretch of land between two caves. The reason for this desire is not known; every single pack will join forces in an attempt to oust anyone who dares set foot there. I believe it may have some religious or cultural significance to these savages, but it would take weeks of study to bear out this theory.
Baral, leader Deval, recognisable by long scar down right arm from shoulder to wrist. This pack keeps to itself by and large, showing no interest in the infrequent conflict between Aliu and Halin, nor any interest in extending its own borders. In fact, it took ten days of watching before the pack was even discovered. I don't believe there is much to fear from them in the way of violence.

(Author's Note: These are all the known packs on this island. As previously stated, there may easily be more, to say nothing of what could await us on foreign shores)

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