The Pegasus Fields

You set off along the somewhat muddy track leading to the Pegasus Fields. It's very hot and you're starting to feel thirsty, so when you hear the sound of running water, you head towards it thankfully, finding yourself in front of a small waterfall. You kneel at the water's edge and drink greedily.
A sound from above tells you you're not alone and you jump and look up, seeing a young man perched on a rock watching you intently. He smiles and holds out his hand.
"Glad to meet you. I'm Ousaf, and you are?"
You introduce yourself. Ousaf has dark skin and hair, and is fairly tall, about six foot two.
"Let me guess," he says. "You're here about the pegasai."
You nod.
"Figured." Ousaf smiles and runs a hand over his head. "C'mon then, you'll never find 'em without me."
The two of you set off, Ousaf insisting on climbing over the cliffs. This is all very wearing and you're glad to reach the top.
"C'mon," Ousaf says, pulling himself easily over the ledge-just like he's pulled himself easily over the last eighty feet. "It's not much further."
He extends a hand and pulls you up. For a minute, all you can do is get your breath back, then you start to look ahead.
You're standing on a grassy walkway branching off in three separate directions to other cliffs. From the ground, it looked just like one solid wall to you.
Ousaf indicates the trails.
"That one takes you to the North field, that one goes to the East and that small trail over there leads to the West. Or I could just leave you to make your way home. By the way," he adds, "to save time, I can tell you that you can visit any field you like, but only the pegasai in the West field have a foal for adoption right now."
"So the others have been adopted?" you say.
"That's right," Ousaf agrees. "In fact..." He pulls out a crisp sheet of paper and winces. "No matter how many times I do this, I always seem to get a paper cut," he complains goodnaturedly. "Anyway, this is the roster. It tells where the foals have gone, if you're interested in visiting."