The Rules

1. You must have a webpage to put your pegasus on (Expage and Neopets don't count, Expage because you can't upload images and Neopets because nobody can see the site) So if you send in a form without a URL, or with an Expage or Neopets URL, it will just be deleted

2. You must have each stage of your pegasus (foal, youth and adult) up within three days, or it will be considered abandoned

3. You must link back to my site

4. Your page has to be kid-safe

5. This runs on a basis of first come first served with the best page. I will send out the foal to the first person with a good site who requests it

6. Pegasai don't need their own cave or persona-although if you want to do one, that's fine-but they need social interaction. The more cyberpets on your pegasus' page, the better

7. There is no limit to the number of pegasai you can adopt but you may only have one pegasai per season

8. All the pegasai foals have to be adopted and be in the youth stage of their lives before the adults will have more. So Shua and Darugo won't have another foal until the other two have been adopted and all three have grown into youths

9. And finally, I know this may sound silly, but when you send the form off, PLEASE only hit the 'let's go' button once. I've been getting four or five forms from the same person saying the same thing because the person got impatient with waiting and hit the button again, so please just press it once

"What does it mean by a season?" you ask, feeling slightly confused.
"A season is the foaling time," Ousaf answers. "All three pegasus herds have had foals, and this season will end when the foals are adopted and are youth age. Then the season starts again with the next lot of foals. So, are you going to apply?"

To the Form!
Nah, I'm having second thoughts...I think I'll go back home