Perdorit Village

You point to Perdorit Village and Reltskan dives vertically down. You follow him as best you're able but it's a hard struggle.
Finally, you make it (mostly due to the help of a Dragon that had appeared around your head and guided you-Reltskan having swum far ahead and out of sight.)
The halfbreed glances up and notices you.
Oh, you met Spectra, did you? he says. There weren't any Salrinds of her colour-except at the Portals, of course-but as it turned out, there weren't any green Dragons, so it works out okay.
Spectra zips around your head, uttering high chirping sounds and teasing Lapis.
She's from Downloadable Dragons as well, Reltskan says. All the Dragons here are.
Spectra suddenly gives one high piercing shriek and speeds off. Before you know where you are, Lapis has followed, tugging you along as if you weigh next to nothing. The sands around you become a blur due to your speed and when you finally get your bearings, you're in the heart of Perdorit Village and face to face with a female SKAN.
The halfbreed said he was bringing Outsiders down here, but I never believed him until now, she says. Spectra flies round and round in circles above the SKAN's head before the latter reaches up and plucks her out of the air, all the time never taking her eyes off you.
Quieten down, Cinlumas, she says. Go find me Nushani.
I thought the Dragon was called Spectra,
you think, slightly confused. The female regards you out of narrow eyes.
She is, in your language. What the hell happened to Reltskan? He was supposed to stick with any Outsiders who came down here!
I'm here, Elenri, quit griping.
Reltskan swims up to you both, breathing hard. Elenri's eyes narrow in contempt and she swims off without another word.
Some SKAN never accepted my halfbreed status, Reltskan says to you. Elenri, unfortunately, is one of them.
Reltskan? We've been waiting for a long time.

A green Salrind swims up to you.
This is Nushani, Reltskan says. She's the youngest Salrind ruler and rules over the greens. Nushani, this visitor wants to know more about giving a home to one of us.
The Salrind seems regretful.
I can't tell you very much, I'm afraid, she says. If you really want to know, you should go talk to Ashelenda. She runs the Portals and can doubtless tell you more than I can about it.
Thanks for your help,
Reltskan says. We'd love to stay longer-but we should be going now.
Of course. Come visit again anytime.

With that, the green Salrind turns and swims quickly off, no doubt to spread the news about your visit.
Reltskan produces the map from somewhere and you both study it closely.

Gold Tower-The gold and highest ranking Salrinds
Reef Castle-More impressive than Gold Tower, Reef Castle is home to the second highest ranking Salrinds, the silvers.
Coral Caves-Home to the third highest rank, the black Salrinds.
Ganir Town-The living area of red Salrinds and fourth rankings
Lapisville-Home of the blue Salrinds
Terrville-Living area of brown Salrinds-second lowest in rank.
Portals-Houses those responsible for taking care of the portals, the 'misc' Salrinds. These don't have any rank.