Reef Castle

You decide to head off for Reef Castle and follow Reltskan along for a few minutes before he dives sharply down. Taken by surprise, you endeavour to follow but somehow lose your grip on Lapis' tail and flounder. Forgetting yourself, you take in a huge gulp of water and then everything goes dark...

You groan and open your eyes. Something is towing you along incredibly fast. You also find (a pleasant discovery) that you can now breathe again and you twist your head around, trying to get a glimpse of whatever's pulling you through the water but fail. Whatever it is, though, it suddenly swerves up, letting go. You fall through the murky depths until touching something that feels a little like cling film. It parts to let you through, then closes again, sealing you in a surface-like huge bubble obviously designed for non water dwelling visitors.
All this goes through your head in the nanosecond before gravity reasserts itself and you fall onto the ground.
"I was wondering where you'd got to," says Reltskan from his perch on a rock. "Looks like Arilek managed to pull you down here."
"Arilek?" you ask.
"Arilek's the leader of the silvers," the halfbreed says. "It's the way here; the Salrinds usually have female leaders as opposed to male."
Are you fully recovered?
You glance up and see a silver Salrind floating anxiously nearby.
"That's Arilek for you," Reltskan says, amused. "She's always rescuing drowners."
Arilek snorts.
Mock me all you want, halfbreed. But we have a much better idea than SOME races who dive down here without warning their guest first!
Reltskan shrugs.
"They made it, right? Look, we have other places to go, so if you'll excuse us...After all, this person may be willing to offer some Salrinds a place."
Would you? Arilek says hopefully. If you want to, go to the portals and talk to Ashelenda. You must excuse me, stranger. I should go and see how the others are doing.
Arilek swims off and Reltskan pulls out the map again.

Gold Tower-The gold and highest ranking Salrinds
Coral Caves-Home to the third highest rank, the black Salrinds.
Ganir Town-The living area of red Salrinds and fourth rankings
Ametown-Purple Salrinds
Lapisville-Home of the blue Salrinds
Terrville-Living area of brown Salrinds-second lowest in rank.
Perdorit Village-Home of the green Salrinds, lowest ranking.
Portals-Houses those responsible for taking care of the portals, the 'misc' Salrinds. These don't have any rank.