The winding passages of Escro lay dark and empty. Since the battle between the two vasarin, Acheron and Renul, no SKAN cared to return to that labyrinth.
Escro itself was a truly incredible place. Towering cliffs made from obsidian rose into the sky, with precious jewels embedded in the rock. The rest of the island was exactly the same, although the further away from the cliffs you got, the fewer gems there were. Dark blue waters lapped at the shore, and against the cliffs, if the light was right, you could just about make out the many entrances and exits to and from the maze.
If you entered the central tunnel and kept straight on that path, you might hear something that sounded like someone groaning.
Or perhaps it was just the wind.
Continuing on, you would eventually come to a pit and looking over, you would be able to make out something that, with a little imagination, could possibly be a body.
Deep in the centre of the labyrinth, the body stirred and groaned slightly. Something was wrong.
Something was very wrong.

Book One