The RULES! (and also one or two guidelines)

1. You MUST MUST MUST have a webpage! No exceptions will be made for this. If you don't have a valid URL yet, don't bother filling in the form as your entry will just be deleted. "Desktop" and answers like "" do not count as a URL!

2. Your page must be kid-safe (no nudity or pornography, links or pop-up ads to such. Mild swearing okay but it mustn't be any worse than my pages)

3. Your dragon must be on your page within a week of bonding him/her or they will be classed as abandoned. If you need more time, email me. If you haven't been able to get online to receive your dragon and come to find a message in your inbox saying it's abandoned, email me and let me know the circumstances and I'll probably make an exception

4. You must provide a link back to Legends of the DragonWorld at on the same page as your dragon so others can bond as well. Again, no exceptions will be made. I send the site name and URL at the bottom of all emails so please don't tell me you've forgotten. I'm going to really start clamping down hard on this; if your dragon is up with no link, it will be classed as abandoned, at any stage of its life. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

5. When you fill in the form, please include the URL of the page where your dragon will actually live, not your main page URL. If I click on the URL and find it's something besides a pre-made cave, your application will be deleted. I'm sorry but I no longer have the time to go exploring people's pages. Unless the link is so obvious (ie, "Sarin candidate" or something) I won't bother checking all your links.

6. Please do not alter these dragons in any way. They are mine and if you want to change them you must email me for permission first

7. These dragons come with their own names. Like Pernese dragons, they are born knowing these names and it is a terrible insult to try to change them

8. These dragons need their own cave and persona to bond with. This page must be ready BEFORE you fill out the form. If you don't have a cave and persona for your dragon on a page SEPARATE from your main page, again, don't bother filling out the form as your entry will just be deleted. There are no rules governing male/female bonding; a male candidate can bond with any rank and so can a female. The only rule is that your candidate has to be at least vaguely humanoid (unless you're applying for an abandoned) Elves, dwarves, cat-people and the like are absolutely fine, but please don't send in another dragon or something as a candidate!

9. Before and after you receive your dragon (if you bond) you have to at least introduce it. You don't have to write pages-but you need to say something along the lines of 'this is my brown male Orulnt and I bonded him from Legends of the DragonWorld'. I only made this rule because one person Impressed a dragon and just put the egg at the bottom of her page without any comment or even a link back to my site.

10. These dragons cannot live on either Expage sites or Neopets sites. Expage because you can't upload images and Neopets because nobody except the owner of the site can view it without a password. If I see an application giving a Neopets or Expage site, it will just be deleted

11. In the form, please put the words "turnip seed" in the comments box so I know you read the rules

12. If you are unsuccessful the first time, you're welcome to reapply for a second clutch (and although I don't guarantee you a dragon, you will have a slightly better chance than you did previously if only because you didn't get a dragon the first time)

13. The number of candidates you may submit depends on the size of the clutch. For clutches with more than twenty eggs (extremely rare!), you may submit four candidates, for clutches with more than ten eggs, you may submit three and for clutches under ten eggs, you may submit two. In the case of clutches with fewer than five eggs (also very rare) you may only have one candidate. If you submit one too many, your candidate will probably be put into the alternative clutch.

14. I do not give out dragons to order! This is a bonding site, not a request one. Please do not email me saying 'Can I have an Earth dragon?' as this page doesn't work that way. The only way you'll guarantee the colour of your dragon is to adopt an abandoned one. Otherwise, it depends on how good your cave and persona both are. Better pages, ie, ones you've put some effort into, get higher ranking dragons. (And yes, I usually can tell who's put effort into their page and who hasn't)

I'm sorry if these rules seem too harsh, but people were just ignoring all of them, so I had to raise the standard a little

So, are you ready to bond?

No, I'm sorry but I can't follow these rules

YES! I've made my dragon their own page and persona and I'm ready to go!

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