History of the Sarin Dragons

You look around. The room you are standing in is filled with ancient books and scrolls, and even one or two stone tablets."Greetings traveller."
You turn to find yourself being addressed by this slender woman.
"My name is Aset," she says, in her lilting, musical voice. "I am from Amanda's Castle and I am the Guardian of Ancient History."
"Can you tell me anything about the Sarin Dragons?" you ask.
Aset smiles.
"Indeed I can. They have been a part of the world Vssarrr for as long as anyone can remember-they actually seem to dominate it in places. In fact, it was the ancient and first dragon Koralth who gave Vssarrr its name. Humans tend to find it slightly hard to pronounce, so it got shortened to Sar. That's where the name Sarin Dragons comes from. The dragons themselves are quite similar to Pernese dragons in that they are Impressed by humans at birth and stay with those humans until death. They are born knowing their names. Indeed, the only differences between them and Pernese dragons are the colours-Sarin dragons can be practically any colour-and the fact that they were not bred to fight a common enemy, such as Thread."
"Where did they originally come from, then, if they weren't bred?" you wonder aloud.
Aset raises an eyebrow.
"Who knows? One century they weren't there, the next they were."
You walk towards the door.
"Thanks for your help!" you call over your shoulder.
"You're welcome," Aset says. "It was a pleasure meeting you."

Impress a Sarin Dragon
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